Manjubaa Clothing is a Surat, Gujarat based Silk Saree manufacturing and designing house with thousands of retailing partners in India and around the globe. With just an idea back in 2011, Two friends Mr. Maulik Savaliya & Mr. Vijay Rudani has started an portal to make a base of happy customers with one product at a time. is an honest try (actually a second one) to provide top-notch quality and experience to our beloved customers. Our previous attempt was to resell highest quality products from Surat, India's textile hub and one of the largest textile production hub in the world. It was a failure that taught us many thing. Our strict policy to provide highest quality product and experience that helped us bounce back from the ashes when we were actually about to shutdown our operations back in 2016. It is when we discovered that our idea to bring happiness to the customers who seek best craftsmanship and quality should get a one more chance. Instead of dealing in thousands of fashion products, We changed our tactic to offer limited edition premium quality banarasi silk sarees and test out the water. It turns out, it was the best decision we ever made and ever since, We have launched a catalog every month with our only goal to keep our promise on quality. 

At present, Manjubaa is a standing strong with support of hundreds of thousand customers, retailers and distributors. We have till date launched 648 premium sarees designs making it a one of the most selling saree brand in India. Our approach to make premium saree affordable and not the other way around is and will remain our only goal. We have rigorous process to ensure we only deliver quality products to our customers and have provided zero defect products regardless quantities we supply.

Our honest try to provide a wholesome saree buying experience with a zero-defect assurance is what we excel at and we'll try to keep the bar even higher.

Thank you.