What Are The Different Types Of Petticoats To Wear Underneath Sarees?

Hello everyone, we hope you are rocking your sarees like a pro in this season of festivals and weddings. Festivals and Weddings are mere excuses to wear extraordinary sarees; otherwise, we would wear them every day, right? And when we talk about festive looks, we don't like to compromise on the right fit. So, how do you sport your gorgeous saree whilst having a comfortable fit? Yes, you guessed it right! By wearing an appropriate saree petticoat. There are a plethora of styles, fits and types of saree Petticoats that you can choose from for your particular type of saree. In this post, we will present the different Types of Petticoats to wear underneath sarees, so you get just the right silhouette.

A-line Petticoat For Saree

An A-line Petticoat is a comfortable Petticoat with a wider area for the legs. Its width gradually increases as we reach the ankle, giving it an "A" Shape.  The movements of legs get convenient with this as there is a lot of room. Ladies prefer wearing A-line petticoat with causal/every-day cotton sarees, as it is convenient. A-line petticoat for saree

Satin Petticoat For Saree

Nothing better than a Satin Petticoat for formal sarees! When you want a perfect fit with a little bit of comfort, you can choose satin petticoat for saree. Usually, Formal sarees have a stiff and sleek appearance. So, to make sure your formal saree doesn't look shabby or shapeless, go for a satin/slim-fit petticoat. Satin petticoat for saree

Crepe Petticoat

When you want the saree to carry its flow and shape, choose Crepe Petticoat. Sometimes, certain types of Petticoats (like cotton), don't allow the saree to show its real structure. Thus, the crepe or satin Petticoats will be perfect for your flowy georgette, chiffon and pure satin sarees. Crepe petticoat

Fish Cut Petticoat For Saree

Fish Cut Petticoat for saree and Mermaid Petticoats are to accentuate the curves of your body. When you want a saree to stick to your figure, without looking loose, you must go for Fish Cut Petticoat or Mermaid Petticoat.

Fish Cut Petticoat for saree is tight on the waist (secured with a zip) and thighs. It has some width around the calves and ankle to allow movements. fish cut petticoat for saree

Layered Petticoat

The Layered Petticoat is your BFF when it comes to enhancing the flare of your saree. A Layered Petticoat is slim-fit till the knees and gets an extra layer of can-can to give a popping flare to your saree. You might have found some Bollywood actresses flaunting their flared sarees, and wondered how that's possible, well, it is no more a secret! It has a zip or hook mechanism at the waist to secure it.

You can find many saree petticoats online. Layered petticoat

Slimming Petticoat For Saree

Now, this is the next level petticoat version of the fish-cut Petticoat. Slimming petticoats have complete compression mechanism that makes your thighs, hips and back look toned. It has a seamless waistband with a tight grip to hold the pleats of your saree.

It removes any unevenness of your outfit and makes you look Hot! You can even call it saree shapewear petticoat. slimming petticoat for saree

Designer Petticoats For Sarees

Designer Petticoats for sarees can have various features like shimmer, slits, securing mechanisms, fits, and lengths. They are not much different from the mentioned saree petticoat types; they have additional elements. For example, if you want a Petticoat for net saree, you can go for a designer satin petticoat or designer-shimmering Petticoat that will give you jaw-dropping party look! designer petticoat for saree

When it comes to styling saree, choosing the right Petticoat is necessary. It will give you comfort, fit, and style all at one time. You have to pick that according to your saree and your body shape. The appropriate Petticoat for saree will surely enhance your silhouette.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. We will be back here soon with another post! Stay tuned!