Everything You Need To Know About Art Silk Sarees!

Art Silk Sarees have become an important part of our wardrobes. Since many of us prefer lightweight, manageable and durable sarees, our instant choice becomes Art Silk fabric. However, there are still many women who are unaware of the advantages of Art Silk Sarees over pure silk sarees. They keep buying the pure silk sarees that cost very high and require time consuming maintenance over the period. Not only are these sarees expensive, but they’re also very heavy and gaudy, being inconvenient for casual wear or cozy gatherings.

Today, we are going to discuss the properties of Art Silk Sarees that will leave you surprised and would reveal they are the best substitutes of pure silk sarees.

What Are Art Silk Sarees?

The “Art” in art silk sarees stands for “Artificial”. The art silk sarees are made from artificial silk, instead of real/pure silk that is derived from silk worms. The artificial silk can include strong synthetic fabrics like rayon, viscose, nylon etc.

Artificial Silk Fabric

The Artificial silk fabric originated back in 1931. Art silk fabric is more durable, cheap, and manageable than the pure silk. This fabric is versatile. Art silk is used in salwar kameez, tunics, anarkalis, and, obviously, sarees. There are many varieties of art silk that are used in manufacturing different types of lifestyle products. Art Silk Saree Fabric


When it comes to art silk sarees, an important factor is durability. It is very tough and strong material. It won’t get worn out soon after the purchase, and it can even survive your harsh usage most of the time. They have a longer shelf life and can thus be your ever-green comfortable look! Art Silk Fabric durability


The Art Silk Sarees are very lightweight. If you even drape the saree without assistance, you won’t feel any inconvenience. Can be easily worn every day. You can find a plethora of designs, types and patterns in the art silk sarees, like patola, banarasi, kanjivaram, and whatnot! 

Art Silk Fabric lieghtweight

Easy Maintenance

Art silk sarees are low-maintenance. They don’t require time-consuming and careful washing or storing efforts. You can clean them like your ordinary garments, unless they have some special instructions. These can easily stay in your wardrobe for long durations without complaining XD 


The texture of art silk sarees is very soft and smooth. Based on the type of sub-silk fabric, there exist different levels of shine intensity of the fabric. Though it might not match the shine of pure silk, still, a typical art silk saree will give you amazing shiny texture. Art Silk Fabric Texture


When you check the prices of pure silk sarees, you might reconsider buying it, because they are usually very high. But, it is not the case in art silks sarees. Affordable art silk sarees are easily available online as well as offline. You can browse through endless varieties in fabric, prints, patterns, work and etc. You can buy 4-5 art silk sarees at the price of one pure silk saree. And the best advantage is- you can wear art silk sarees casually, and play with bold blouses to give a contemporary/unconventional look.

These are the things that make the art silk sarees to be the best substitute of pure silks sarees. Art silk sarees won’t burn a hole in your pocket while giving you the celeb-like look. You’ll be shocked to know that in Art silk fabric the sarees like: Tussar Silk Sarees, Kanjivaram Silk Sarees, Patola Silk Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees and Tanchoi Silk Sarees are also available at alarming prices!

We know it sounds incredible, but it is real!

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