7 Different Types of Silk Sarees You Must Have in Your Wardrobe!

Namaste everyone! We know you came here after reading "Types of Silk Sarees" because that is enough to catch your attention, right? And why should it not be? Indian Silk Sarees are the pride of our deep-rooted artistic culture. We grew up seeing our mothers, aunts draping various kinds of Silk Sarees for occasions. That was when most of us decided to have our collection of best silk sarees of India. Let's today, help you select the 7 Different Types of Silk Sarees for your Wardrobe!

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi Silk Saree is the first name that pops when we talk about Best silk sarees in India. These are one of the ancient types of sarees made. The preciseness of every brocade weave of gold/silver makes it an absolute head-turner!

Banarasi silk sarees

Patola Silk Sarees

If you want to keep the Regal of Gujarat in your wardrobe, we suggest "Patola Silk Saree". The Royal families used to wear these double ikkat woven sarees. You can flaunt these masterpieces on special traditional occasions and Pujas. patola silk saree

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees or Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram sarees are one of the best types of silk sarees for brides of India! Also, these are lightweight silk Sarees<3

And if you're wondering how to select best Kanchipuram silk saree, we have got you! Choose the one with the colour that complements your skin tone. If you want to lighter on bling-bling, then look for the fewer embellishments. Complete your Authentic Tamil Kanchipuram Saree look with matching blouse and ethereal jewellery! kanjivaram saree

Tussar Silk Sarees

Explore the wild silk of India with Raw Tussar Silk Sarees. These sarees are a combination of subtleness and elegance. They speak simplicity in the best possible way. You can find the latest plain tussar silk sarees online, very easily. tussar silk saree

Tanchoi Silk Sarees

If you are a fan of dual wrapping technique on silk, then you'll love to have "Tanchoi Silk Sarees". These multi-coloured beauties show the minute woven wraps. You play "mix-n-match" while selecting a blouse for Tanchoi Saree, to give it a contemporary look. tanchoi silk saree

Art Silk Sarees

Although the Art Silk Sarees are the substitute of Pure Silk Sarees, they assure you of the unique beauty and durability. If you ever feel unsure for draping the heavy silk sarees, go for Art Silk Sarees. They come in soft, light and bright variants.

 Art Silk Saree

Chanderi Silk Sarees

Last but absolutely not the least. Chanderi Silk Sarees are known for their hand-woven motifs and buttis that are all distinct in their way. These are woven with silver/golden threads as to uplift the soft, transparent texture of the saree. So go and buy Chanderi Saree now, if you haven't already ;) chanderi silk saree

 There are plethora Types of Silk Sarees in India, and the ones mentioned above are the most popular. Varanasi, Chanderi, West Bengal, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are the cities popular for Silk Sarees in India.

We hope of our description of different Saree names with images is helpful to you. And if you are planning to buy such Sarees, then you might as well check Manjubaa.com J