5 New & Innovative Ways To Drape A Saree Like A Pro

Saree, 9 yards of pure sheer elegance which can turn any girl next door into an artist’s muse.

It’s in our tradition to wear a saree during auspicious events, wedding being the most important for any girl, be it the bride or the bridesmaids. Fashion has evolved during years and I agree to the fact that old is gold; but sometimes once in a while going out of the box doesn’t hurt anyone.

Draping a saree in a different and innovative way has been a statement nowadays and what else do we want than being the center of attention in any event. Its not difficult to drape and yet is flattering.

Neck Drape Style

This one is for those fashionistas who do not hesitate to experiment. All you need to do is keep the pallu of the saree a bit longer and wrap it around your neck and leave the end to fall sophisticatedly (kind of like a scarf). Pair the saree with halter neck blouse to make it look sexier or may be with a strappy blouse to get an edgy look.

Double Pallu Saree Style

The name seems to speak to have a saree with yards of fabric and you being tangled in it. But let me tell you elegance is at peak when a simple embroidered chiffon saree meets double pallu saree style. There are multiple ways to mis-match with this style.From giving an ombre look to using contrasting colours to why not going with the trend and giving yourself a monotonous look.

To get the Double pallu saree look, drape one saree in the normal way with the pallu being pleated or kept open on the left side. Take the other saree make small pleats and tuck it beside the pleats of the first saree. Now make pleats with the rest of the second saree, and wrap it around from the back making the pleats fall on the right shoulder just like a dupatta on one side.

Belt Style

It’s easy and also gives a chic look to your traditional one. All you need is a belt that goes with your saree and wear it at your waist which cinches your pallu. You can also wear a kamarbandh to keep the look traditional yet stylish.

Retro Style

The era of 80s and 90s were iconic and always will be and with that draping a saree like those iconic beauties will also remain fashionable till the end of the time. Retro sarees are perfect for theme parties or receptions.

Dhoti/pant style Saree

It’s the most comfortable style of draping a saree. Wear your most comfortable suited pants or dhoti and drape your saree around it with neatly made pleats in the front. You can experiment with the blouse in anyway you want. Try a corset blouse or maybe an off-shoulder blouse. This is the style you can play with in anyway and yet always manage to look fabulous.

There you go, five new and innovative ways to drape a saree like a pro that would make you stand out of the crowd. Just remember to go minimalistic with the jewellery and try to wear comfortable heels with these looks, you really don’t want to trip and ruin hours of draping those 9 yards.