2020 Blouse Designs: Top Blouse Back Designs To Wear With Silk Sarees

We are back today with another of your favorite- Blouse back designs for silk sarees! It is so exciting to wear different types of blouses with silk sarees, and at the same time, it gets tough to choose one! Being hardcore saree lovers, we know you all relate to this. It is a good thing to experiment with various patterns and cuts when it comes to blouse back designs. And why should we not? After all, we are not going to team a saree with the same blouse over and over again! When you keep mix-n-matching the blouses with sarees, you get a new combination everytime, and you understand more about your style. So, today we are going to list down top blouse back designs to wear with silk sarees!

Round Cut-Out Blouse Back

The evergreen and charming round cut-out backs will always win hearts! You can wear these with your silk sarees and look perfectly elegant. In fact, any saree can be worn with round cut-out blouse design. There are blouses with cut-out and handwork as well, which give you a typical traditional look! Round cut blous eback

Net Blouse Back

We can never complete a list of blouse back designs without including net blouses. Plenty of sheer or net back blouses can add instant glam to your saree. You just have to choose the best net pattern that goes appropriate with your silk saree. 

Net blouse back

Embellished Blouse Back

“This is too much bling-bling”- said no woman ever! Do not hesitate in wearing a royal blouse with embellished back design with your silks sarees. It's all about the show-time! Perfect for wedding and significant events, embellished blouses will go with each of your precious sarees. embellished blouse back

Deep V Blouse Back

Our all-time favorite Deep- V back blouse is going to rule 2020 saree fashion as well. Rock your silk saree look with a catchy or solid colored deep-V back blouse; complete it by wearing a pair of classic shiny jhumka and you’re ready! Deep V back blouse

Heavily Embroidered Blouse Back

We are not letting your blouse design go unnoticed this wedding season. We suggest you pick a blouse with heavily embroidered back or the one having hand-embroidered traditional motifs with your rich silk sarees to become a head-turner!   

embroidered blouse back

Contemporary Cut-outs Blouse Back

Want a subtle yet classic look? Fetch a blouse with contemporary cut-outs on the back to team with your silk saree. These blouses will always make you look bold and simple effortlessly. Go minimal with the jewellery<3  backless cut-out blouse

Mirror Work Blouse Back

Mirror work blouses are one of the oldest designs existing. They have always been the center of attraction even on the runways. Be it lehenga, chaniya choli for navratri or luxury sarees, mirror work blouse backs rule them all! So, grab one blouse with mirror work back design and drape your 6 yards! Mirrorwork blouse back

Multi-slit Blouse Back

We aren’t yet over with the cut-out blouse backs. The multi-slit blouse back is another beautiful blouse design to pick for your silk sarees. It will make you look off-beat yet graceful! Multi-slit blouse back

Aren’t these blouse back designs for silk sarees drool worthy? We believe they are! These designs are here to stay and we would love to see you decked up in our sarees with these creative designer blouses!

We will be back soon with another post here. Stay tuned!