10 Most Practical Saree Organization Tips You Must Know

Saree is the most beautiful attire of all, we all know that but also there comes responsibilities with the love of buying tons of sarees. And those responsibilities are none other than maintaining them. What we usually do is simply fold them and stack on one another in our wardrobes and that is the most incorrect way of storing sarees. To keep your saree new for years and always wrinkle-free here
are some tips that you must follow which will make your sarees happy.

Saree Storage Box

Hanging your saree is not the only option and it also is not convenient if you have small space. In that case, folding your sarees is the only option, I agree! But, why not store them separately, fabric and embroidery wise in a saree storage box. Such boxes are cheap and easily available in the market and it also helps to keep your sarees stacked neatly without and hassle. Saree Organizer Box

Saree Hangers

Even I came to know this a while ago and I regret not knowing it earlier. We tend to hang our sarees but with that comes the problem of them slipping out of the hanger. To overcome this problem, there are special hangers available in the market for hanging sarees which are anti-slip. Best Saree Hangers

Fabric Safe

It is quite basic yet equally important. You got the idea of how to store your sarees, now you need to know how to keep them wrinkle-free. Fabrics like chiffon and Georgette and mostly wrinkle-free and hence you should store such sarees together rather than storing heavy bordered sarees with them as it tends to damage the soft fabric of chiffon and georgette sarees.

Colour Coded

Another way of storing your sarees is by color-coding them. Some people tend to wear certain colours for certain occasions and if you are that person this tip is going to help you.

Separate Them

It's not just the saree, it’s also about storing blouses and petticoats. Hanging all the three or stacking them in a box makes it look untidy and cumbersome. To avoid such a thing store your blouses and petticoats separately.

Cover Them

Again, something I regret not knowing earlier is that there are vertical covers available in the market in which you directly have to inert your hanger with the saree. This cover helps your heavy sarees to be wrinkle-free and the most genius thing is, it prevents friction from two different sarees which are hanging and thus minimizing any damage.

 Best Saree Covers

Wrap Those Tassels

Blouses are designed to enhance the look of your saree and one of many things is the tassels behind the back of the blouse. Most of the time those tassels tend to remove threads from the blouse because of friction, hence to avoid that wrap those tassels in paper before storage.

Keep It Silky

We love silk, let’s be honest who doesn’t? but again, responsibilities! Store your silk sarees with muslin or cotton cloth in between folds to keep up with the glaze of the saree.

Beware Of The Climate

Climate plays a huge role in damaging any textiles. To avoid such problems, keep silica gel sachets in your wardrobe which helps in absorbing excess humidity and keeps the moisture appropriate. In such cases, you can also use the wrapping in muslin or cotton cloth tip to avoid direct damage. Protect Saree from Climate

Let Them Breathe

There are many sarees which we wear yearly or quarterly. In such cases keep your sarees in mild sunlight once in 3 to 6 months to let the fabric breathe. This will give your sarees a longer shelf life.

So, these are the ways you can save your sarees from unwanted issues that would cut-short their lives. We hope this helped you!