Saree Cleaing Guide: Tips To Wash Sarees At Home Easily!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Manjubaa once again! We know you’re more than eager to read this post and find out the tips to clean the sarees. Well, in these modern days, we use the machinery to get almost everything done. It saves the manual work and energy to a good extent. But, when it comes to cleaning delicate sarees, we would not suggest you to use a washing machine. A washing machine would surely damage the saree, as the saree requires extremely gentle cleaning. Even while cleaning with hands, we have to be immensely careful, or else we will lose our precious piece!

So, with this post, let’s share some useful tips to clean the sarees at home.

Washing Agent For Sarees

First things first. Choosing the right cleaning agent for your sarees is the most important step. If you pick the common detergent that you use for your other garments, then it is going to be a nightmare for your saree. In such case, going for natural cleansers is the best idea. Use the diluted filtered soapy water derived from overnight soaked Reetha Soap nuts. Do not soak your saree in this mixture, just quickly clean and rinse off.

Washing The Saree

Next up, comes the water. You should always use cold or slightly cold water to clean your sarees at home. The warm water damages the shine and texture of the delicate fabric.

Do not rub or brush the saree. We mean, not even gently. Keep the brush away from saree at all the costs! The rubbing of saree will cause the threads to spring out and that will be a total disaster!

How to wash saree at home

Patch Test

Before washing the entire saree in one attempt, try to wash a little part of it as a trial. This trial will let you know of the saree is able to handle the cleaning agent or not. If you think the saree is just fine, then continue the same cleaning method.

Also, when it comes to the washing process, start with the pallu. Wash the pallu separately first, then proceed with washing the entire saree.  

Drying The Saree 

Drying a saree is indeed a tricky part. Never machine dry your sarees! The best option is to keep them out in air whilst being protected from direct sunlight. Try not to bundle up all the length in small area while drying it, this might leave long-term wrinkles. Kindly do not use hair-dryer on your sarees just because you’re “running late”! Those 2-minute hacks do not work on delicate sarees, in fact they damage sarees. Drying saree at home

After-wash Care For Sarees:

Taking the after-wash care of sarees is equally important as washing them.

  • Store the sarees in thin muslin/cotton covers
  • Do not fold the sarees in a bundle
  • Do not hang the silk sarees or delicate sarees in the wardrobe hangers directly
  • Do not store the sarees in plastic covers. This would ruin the work on sarees and turn the golden shine to ash black

At last, we suggest you to wash the normal sarees at home, that too, manually. Do not go for machine wash. However, if you have pure delicate silk sarees or luxury-fabric sarees, please go for “professional dry-cleaning”. Do not experiment washing your brand new delicate saree at home :P

Hope this post would help you manage your sarees well!