Different Types Of Blouses To Wear With Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banrasi silk sarees have their own separate fandom. For Indian women, Banarasi Silk Saree or any traditional silk saree is equal to a piece of art. They take immense pride in collecting and flaunting their deep-rooted artistic culture. And so do we. That's why today we want to share the list of different types to blouses to wear with banarasi silk sarees. You might already have a variety of blouses, but how to select a perfect one? Wonder no more! Have a look at this list below and choose your favourite type of blouse for banarasi silk saree!

High Neck Blouse With Elbow Sleeves 

To go safest, choose a high neck elbow sleeved blouse with your banarasi silk saree. The high neck blouses are popular for being worn with traditional sarees. Further, adding the element of elbow sleeve would make it appear more authentic and belonging to the saree! High Neck Elbow Blouse

Boat Neck Blouse

Universal yet catchy, the boat-neck blouses win our hearts when it comes to saree styling. You would have noticed many celebrities flaunting the boat-neck blouse with silk sarees. Just make sure your blouse doesn't have very short sleeves, as it misaligns the flow of outfit. Boat Neck Blouse

Sleeveless Blouse

If you are planning to wear banarasi silk saree to a fancy party during summers, kindly go for the cutest sleeveless blouse. A sleeveless blouse with a little embroidery on the straps or the back would make you look like an adorable doll!  

Sleeveless blouse

Blouse With The Designer Back Pattern

Are you a lover of designer blouse backs? Then this option is bang on for you! To add glamour to your banarasi saree look, go for deep back style or cut-out back patterned blouse. If possible, choose the one with long sleeves or sheer/net sleeves. The net sleeves will define the silhouette of your arms. Designer Back blouse

Blouse With Ruffled Sleeves

Ruffles have taken-over our wardrobe since their return in the fashion world. Then how can we not include ruffled ones in our list of blouses? You're right, we will! So, pick a trendy ruffled sleeved blouse with your banarasi silk saree. Try the blouses with full-flared sleeves and rock the drama diva look! 

Tip- make sure the blouse is of light-weight fabric, so the sleeves don't feel heavy.

 Ruffled sleeve blouse

High Neck Blouse With Full Sleeves

A high neck blouse with full-sleeves with banarasi silk saree will offer you an unmatched traditional look. Or, should we say, a Sabyasachi look?;D If styling is concerned, you might as well believe that the high neck blouses are soul mates of banarasi silk sarees. So wear a solid coloured high neck blouse with full sleeves to give a perfect companion to your banarasi silk saree! High neck Full sleeved

Blouse With Zari Sleeves

Have to attend an important and traditional event? Go for a Royal/Heavy look by choosing a blouse with full sleeves having zari work. Zari sleeves will instantly take your saree look from 100 to a 300! This blouse is perfect for wearing at weddings, poojas, anniversaries, etc. Blouse with Zari sleeves

Apart from these ideas, you can try and experiment with your style. There are endless styles and patterns when it comes to blouses for banarasi silk sarees like sheer blouses, satin blouses, velvet blouses and many more. All you need to do is know your style, play with patterns and, that's it, you're ready to rock your banarasi silk saree look like a Pro!

If you need any suggestions or tips for styling a banarasi silk saree then do comment below, we would love to help you style your look <3